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My name is Lisa Monoson & I have been a part of AVON as a Leader, Mentor,SE Regional Makeup Maven, Beauty Advisor and Sales Representative since October of 2000. I am the Team Money Makers coach & leader. Our team has representatives throughout the US and growing. Our local team is here in sunny Jacksonville Florida. Our team has over 400+ reps  and growing. We are a wonderful group of women & men leaders who enjoy selling ,sharing and showing our AVON businesses.

 LIsa Monoson Ind. Avon Sales Rep. National Leader

I thought I would share my personal AVON story with you. If you are considering joining AVON I hope you will make the decision to join our successful national team.

I got the AVON bug when a friend of mine starting selling AVON back in 2000. She was doing really well with it & she was a mom of two so I inquired. At the time I was 7 months pregnant with my 3rd child. I had been running a successful home daycare for years but knew once I had my 3rd son I wasn’t going to be able to handle that many children along with my own three. So my quest for another income came into play. So I asked her how do I get started with Avon and what do I have to do. It seemed simple enough, hand out brochures, talk to 3 people a day and make follow up calls. After all AVON had been around for over 125+ years and I felt confident in the company and their products. I thought “What have I got to lose, I will check with some neighbors and places I already go and see what happens.” Before I knew it I was selling $10,000- $38,000 in Avon a year achieving PC Club to Rose Circle levels. I joined Leadership not long after I started & I made UL then AUL & I am currently a National Executive. Over the years I had some health battles which prevented me from achieving Senior sooner but this year I recommitted and took this business by the horns. I knew from the beginning that my goal would be Now National Senior Executive Unit Leader. I’m still on my way.  My full Avon story with success tips will be in the new book that I am co-authoring is out now  A View From the Top Volume #3″

What started out for me as a business for just some extra money for the weekends & diapers etc. has turned into so much more. As a mom of 3 sons & a busy schedule, for me AVON has been a wonderful journey. It has continued to grow over the years to possibilities I never thought could be possible. Our team in  2013 alone sold $989,000 in AVON products just shy of 1 million!

Team Money Makers PC and Above at Local PC tribute!

Avon Awards & Achievements:

Avon has paid for many things over the years including Christmases, car payments, groceries,vacations and all the extras my family has needed. I have been on many trips completely paid for because of AVON sCareeres Disabled_MAg Coveruch as NYC 2 times, Vegas and Orlando. I have earned many incentive cash and prizes such as, iPad Air, Keurig Coffee maker with Free coffee and tea for a year, Jewelry, Popcorn machine,  Nikon Camera , Kitchen-aid mixer and MORE!

In 2013 I was awarded Avon s SE Regional Makeup Maven and was flown to NYC to do video filming and photos.   Most recently 2014 was featured on the cover and inside of Careers and the DisABLED Magazine and will be co authoring my first book ” A View from the Top Volume #3″ due to arrive 2105!   Over the years I have also been featured in  Avon’s brochure, Avon’s whats new book & Avons Blogs.

14 time Presidents Club Member selling over $10,100- $38000 each year.
Executive Unit Leader with 400+ downline representatives in 3 generations many who self appointed online


Presidents Club 2 time ( 2 cycles in 2014-15)
#1 Unit Sales Volume Division
#1 Unit Sales Volume District
#1 Total Unit Sales Increase District

Chosen as one of 14 women for AVON #beautyforapurpose Campaign JUNE 2015

Featured in Avon Whats new , Featured on cover of Distributor Magazine

Featured on Cover of DisAbled Magazine TOP MLM

Co-Author in A View from the top Volume #3

Recruiting Excellence award
#1 Downline Growth District
#1 Sales increase District
#1 Sales Volume District

Recruiting Excellence Award

SE Regional Makeup Maven

NY trips 2 FREE on AVON

Vegas Meet Me in Las Vegas with Jon Bon Jovi Trip

Radio show Host: www.blogtalkradio.com/lisamonoson

2010- 2011
#1 in Leadership growth in Division
#1 District Leadership growth
#1 in Division total unit sales increase over $589,000
#2 Sales increase – Personal sales volume
#2 in Division Total unit sales volume
#1 in District Total unit sales volume
#1 District Total unit sales Increase
Silver Recruiting Excellence in Division 50-99 recruits in a year
Spirit of Avon recipient 2010-2011

#1 Division Leadership growth
#3 in Division Total unit sales volume
#1 District Total unit sales Increase
Recruiting Excellence

2000-2001- Presidents Club – Unit Leader

2002-2003– #1 in District sales increase – Honor Society – Unit Leader
2002-2003 Recruiting Excellence – Rose Circle- Unit Leader
2003-2004 Recruiting Excellence – Honor Society – Advanced Unit leader

2004-2005 Recruiting Excellence – Advanced Unit Leader – Honor Society

2006-2007- Recruiting Excellence – Rose Circle- Advanced Unit Leader

2008-2009- Recruiting Excellence – Rose Circle- Executive Unit Leader

I have truly turned my Avon business into a career. I have worked hard over the years so that I never have had to go get a day job and go outside the home to work. I have always been able to be a stay at home mom since I started AVON over 14 years ago.

I enjoy running both sides of my business in sales and leadership & helping others with beauty tutorials and inspiration.

I receive two paydays plus additional award bonuses each campaign. One from sales commissions from my wonderful customers and one for leadership bonuses for mentoring , coaching and working with my team. My goals and aspirations is to strive to help them be successful in their businesses.

“TEAM” stands for Together- Everyone- Achieves- More.

I love teaching other women & men how they too can earn a paycheck from home by working a AVON business. With Avon your in business for yourself but never by yourself.

I plan on continuing the success & enjoyment for many, many years to come. I enjoy the company the people of course the money and all that it has to offer thank you for stopping by my blog site. I hope to inspire you and have you be a part of our wonderful AVON team.

I hope that you too will DREAM BIG and then go out and achieve it like I did! Dreams can come true with AVON. You can have it ALL!!


Warm Regards,
Lisa Monoson
ISR. & EUL & SE Regional Makeup Maven
National Team Money Maker’s
Call or Text @ (904) 728-6689

Email: lisamonoson@comcast.net
Team Site: www.TeamMoneyMakers.com
YouTube: www.YouTube.com/lisamonoson
Buy AVON: www.YourBeautyLady.com
Sell AVON: www.Signupfor15.com

Follow me FB: www.Facebook.com/LisaAvonMonoson

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