Here is an example of earnings with AVON fundraising:

Did you know that with AVON fundraising your organization can make up to 40% of the proceeds? Our fundraisers are easy to do and always items that people LOVE!

avonfundCurrently there are 5 AVON fundraisers to choose from.  We currently have the adorable Rory the Lion, Personal Care, Makeup & Skincare, Planet Spa & our very popular Bug Guard.

*Rory the Lion – National/Trendsetter C20 2017 – C7 2018

*Personal Care – National/Trendsetter C3 2017 – C26 2017

*Makeup/Skin Care – National/Trendsetter C7 2017 – C26 2017

*Planet Spa – National/Trendsetter C17 2017 – C26 2017

*Bug Guard Flyer- National/Trendsetter C8 2017 – C26 2017

In the case of unforeseen demand, product assortment may vary.

Q: What kind of profit can our organization expect?

A: Depending on the total amount of sales, an organization can receive up to 40% of what it sells. This would leave you with 10% earnings. For example, if 20 participants each sell $15 in Avon products to 10 people, total sales would equal $3,000, of which the organization would earn $1,200 and you would earn $150. (See the Earnings Opportunity Chart to see the different earnings opportunities you can offer organizations and what your earnings would be.)

Q: Why can some fundraising companies offer us 50%?

A: A company can offer 50% when it is charging a premium for its products. For example, if you have ever bought frozen pizza or cheesecakes as a fundraiser, you know that they were more expensive than if purchased at a store. With Avon, you are offering high-quality products that are priced competitively with similar products at retail. Most fundraising companies offer up to 40%. Others offer much less! Many t-shirt sales, for example, often offer only 20%.

Q: How can we know that an Avon Fundraiser will be as successful as fundraisers we have had in the past?

A: All types of organizations, from religious institutions and schools to day care centers and sports leagues, have used Avon Fundraisers successfully to raise the money they need. They have found that the brand-name recognition, the Avon Guarantee and the fact that Avon has products for the entire family make for an extremely successful fundraiser. If you have already held a successful Avon Fundraiser, say: “The (name of the organization) held an Avon Fundraiser last (date) and sold (total sales). I would be happy to give you the name and phone number of the person I worked with on that fundraiser.”

Avon Ind. Sales Representative and National Leader Lisa Monoson would LOVE to help you with your fundraiser. Anywhere in the USA we can help!


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