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A few months ago, I challenged my National Avon Team Money Makers with a Avon skin care consult challenge. Many of them reported fantastic results and had increased sales & gained new customers from working on giving FREE skin care consults. If you are an AVON Sales Rep. are you doing them yet?  You should be!  Get in the habit and give yourself a goal of X amount of FREE skin care consults per week. You do not need to be an expert to do these. It’s so easy!

Step #1 You can put the APP on your smartphone OR access it on your PC through your own E-TORE under Skin Care Advisor.

How to put the Skin Care Advisor on your smart phone
Go to the Skin Care Section then Click on Skin Care Advisor
Access the Skin Care Advisor from a widget on your E-store









Now a customer can do this on their own by visiting your e-store but why wait for that. Many wont know it’s there. Take the ball into your own hands so you know their skin care needs. The Avon Skin Care Advisor asks all the right questions to ask your potential current customers. This takes out all guesswork and makes you sound like a pro. It even lets you print their personalized regimen or you can email it to the customer after. It takes just your phone to make a call and invite them for a free consult.

Step #2: Have your app and or PC screen open with the advisor ready to go & your phone. Start making your calls.   Let them know there is no obligation to buy & that they are also helping you with your skin care challenge goals. It only takes a few minutes of their time & for allowing you to give them the free consult, they will also get some FREE samples of their regimen suggested & if they do decide to buy you will have some special offers for them. Who could say NO to that? 🙂

Step #:3 On your next order day be sure to order the appropriate samples for the potential customers that you gave free consults to. Go to MY ORDERS, Then once in  your own ticket on the left hand side click shop samples. Then go to the skin care samples.

 Step #4: Be sure to follow-up with all of your consults after getting those samples to them. Ask them how they liked them, how did it feel, results, work on getting good feedback. You can tell them about any specials that their items have and then close it to see if they are ready to order the full size. Again, the consults were NO OBLIGATION to purchase but we are hoping they fall in love with the free samples and then make a purchase. They will tell you right off the bat if they LOVE IT! If their products are on sale tell them about it then BOOM they will usually buy. You can even make up your own sales if you like to encourage a first purchase such as 10% off the full regimen.

TIP: If they are long distance, did you know that the regimens can be ordered direct on out E-stores? We have a special auto replenish program and they get big SAVINGS up to 50% off for grouping them on that program. Check it out!

Auto Replenish programs can save YOU up to 50% off

Building skin care customers is a BIG money earner since they come back for more when they run out. It also is BIG award sales towards goals too. TRY IT! Let me know if you are making this a WEEKLY goal for yourself. Watch your sales and earnings grow when you practice this along with your power of 3 or more a day! GO FOR IT!

If you are a potential customer take yours today for FREE RIGHT HERE!

If you are an Avon Representative head on over to your own E-store and take your own personal one for practice then get dialing 🙂 Good Luck!


Lisa Monoson

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