Avon True Color Foundation Matte LIVE DEMO and Review. Also AVON True Color Concealer Before and After with Lisa Monoson Avon Ind. Sales Rep. National Leader #bebeautybrave

 DEMO of foundations Avon True color 2nd row 2nd to last. No oil!
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Makeup I’m wearing in Video:
❤Avon True Color Matte Spf 20 Liquid Foundation: http://avon4.me/2qEh55c Avail May 12th 2017
My color Cream Beige
❤Avon True Color Concealer: http://avon4.me/2q3mINb Avail May 12th 2017 My Color Medium and Neutral
❤Lips: mark. Lipclick Matte in Vixen: http://avon4.me/2pDhJRW
❤Mascara: Avon Big and Multiplied: http://avon4.me/2pDcsdg
❤Eye shadow: 8 in 1 Pallet Nude Muse: http://avon4.me/2pDt4S2
❤Blush: mark. Rose Without Saying: http://avon4.me/2pDtVC9

I am a independent AVON Sales Rep. I am not sponsored to do videos all opinions are my own.

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