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Not happy with your paycheck


Good Afternoon,

If you are not happy with your paycheck.. Don’t just sit back take action and then comes the result. Every action or activity will produce a result & If you don’t like the result, simply change the action. Simple right?

For instance,If you put your hand on a hot stove ( Why in the world..ok just wait.. follow me here..promise I’m making a point) Ouch! That really hurts. Now,  if you put your hand on the hot stove again  first not smart but ( I really am getting to a point here).. Ouch! That really hurts.

Now, if you touch the HOT stove again.. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! That really, really hurts.  Are you ready for the point of this craziness?

First you perform an action or activity…  Example: Sticking your hand on a hot stove.  Then comes a predictable result from that activity (Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!)  Why in the world would you keep doing the same thing over and over again if it hurts.

If you want different results, simply change your activity.

How? Try putting  your friend’s hand on the hot stove  (Now your friend says, “Ouch, ouch!”). See . . . different results….  LOL

Sometimes I think we are not seeing the full effect in the same dramatic way as described above.

Let’s try this again.

Today you get into your vehicle and commute two hours to work. You arrive at the job, get paid squat, and you hate every minute you are there.

Tomorrow you get into your vehicle and commute two hours to work. You arrive at the job, get paid squat, and you hate every minute you are there.

Hmmm, I bet if you get into your vehicle tomorrow and commute two hours to work — you just might arrive at the job, get paid squat, and you’ll hate every minute you are there.

Same activity — same results.

If you want different results, simply change your activity.

How? Drive to the the mall, to a technical school, to a new job interview.

If you don’t like the results you are getting & Not happy with your paycheck, simply change your activity.

Sure makes sense, doesn’t it? And do most people – prospects have common sense?

Not always.

For example,  if you are at your day job just listen to the water-cooler talk.  OR if you go down to the local bar and listen to the patrons complain. They’ll say things like,

Hate my job“Man, I can’t stand my job. Every day it is the same old thing. And my boss is a jerk! The pay is terrible. The traffic is frustrating and I can’t get any time off when I want.”

Don’t you feel like saying to them,

“Uh, maybe if you drove somewhere else every morning, you wouldn’t end up at the job you hate, the boss you hate, etc.”

Of course, free advice such as this can be hazardous to your health.

It’s frustrating when you see this activity/results concept clearly. Why? Because we know there is a solution to almost every complaint.

“If you don’t like the results, simply change the activity.”

 You may hear team members complaining saying .”I just can’t find any customers or new recruits.”

 “I can’t be successful because I just can’t find any customers. It’s my upline’s fault, the company’s fault, the product’s fault, I live too far away from meetings, I don’t know anyone. Nobody likes me. The weather is rainy, hot, snowy, etc.  And I have to work on weekdays!”

Well, maybe all of those reasons are legitimate complaints.

 The difference is  that complaining about  those things  won’t make any of those problems go away.

Repeating all these problems to you won’t make the weather better or make your house magically move closer to the meetings.

If you’re complaining & you’re not happy with the results then you will just have to realize:

“If you don’t like the results, simply change the activity.”

All this cause and effect stuff isn’t that complicated. Let’s apply some of it to your problems and let me give  you a few random examples.

Problem: “I have to work so I don’t have time to work my business!”

Activity change: Utilize work to gain new customers and recruits. Get helpers to help outside your job. Take a few nights a week to make some calls. Arrange and hour or 2 on the weekends to incorporate your business ½ hour of your lunch hour to walk into close by biz or offices to gain new biz. If you do that every day for 5 days that’s 2 ½ hours of prospecting for business outside work.

See? You must take personal responsibility for your actions and be willing to change the activity.

When the activity changes, so does the results.

 Let’s look at the next problem.

Problem: “The weather is terrible.”

Activity change: Move to a better climate. Buy a raincoat. Find indoor events and activities, Work those days on the computer doing marketing and promoting your e-store.

Problem: “Nobody likes me.”

Activity change: Learn to smile. Take a self-improvement course. Meet new people.

 Problem: I’m Shy?

Activity change: Wear an Avon logo pin or apparel. Keep an Avon book sticking out of your purse. Brand your car. Ask others to share your books with friends too.  All of these things get them coming to you while you work on your confidence to break out of the shyness.

Problem: “I don’t know anyone.”

Activity change: Meet new people. Go to a party. Join a community organization. Advertise. Do mailings.

So what is the bottom line?

Let’s stop complaining about the current results in our lives if we are not happy with them.  Instead, let’s make a simple change in our day-to-day activities, and new results will follow.

Apply this to everything in your Avon business and in life and watch the positive and amazing changes that come from it.

*Excerpts- Ideas taught from BIG AL Training!

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