So you have been thinking about Selling Avon as a New Beauty Boss but your not sure where to start. I have been with AVON for the past 17 years and I am very thankful that this has been my at home business and a source of income. When I first started AVON, I was not aware of all my opportunities.  I wanted to make a little extra money to pay for diapers, milk, bread, eggs etc. I had been running a home daycare prior and did not want to go back to that. You see, I was 7 months pregnant with #3. I didn’t want to go back to running the daycare. So a friend was selling AVON and I inquired. She was doing so well and I thought WHY NOT ME? So I started. My first goal was to make some extra just to fill in the deficit between our household paydays. Then I soon realized I could do so much more. I was able to do that and pay for my kids Christmas that year. It was not long after that that a few friends came to me also wanting to start their own business as an Avon Beauty Boss. Honestly, I was a little scared at first. I was so new how would I help show them the way. Then I realized I’m already doing it, so lead by example. 2 people soon became 5. I then realized I wanted to take this much further. So my goals became bigger from making Unit Leader at the time and advancing all the way up to executive over the years.  AVON became not just pocket money but a substantial income. My story is much bigger than this. I had many struggles with my health over the years & my son was diagnosed with Aspergers but due to those life circumstances, I never had to tell a boss that I couldn’t come to work. I could have this business be flexible because Oh WAIT I WAS THE BOSS! How lucky I was to be able to have that freedom. I was raising 3 small children, a newborn a 2-year-old and 6 years old and I did it all with AVON as my income to pay for groceries and all the extras life brings. When they needed school clothes AVON provided, when an unexpected bill came in the mail Avon provided. We were able to be free to order Pizza on the weekends or be spontaneous and take the kids to the movies or Disney. Avon has also given us many free vacations, prizes, and cash bonuses.    My 7-year-old is now married and 23, my then 2 old is now 19 and my baby is now 16. I am now a Glam-ma to 2-year-old Lyla and soon to be newborn Max in the Fall. Time is moving so fast, but I am so grateful AVON fell into my lap almost 17 years ago now. My journey continues and AVON is always putting out amazing ways to earn more income, trips, prizes, bonuses and more.  You too can have a success story. I mentor and train all over the USA. Avon has 3 kits to choose from and you can get started right away. Go to HERE  BE SURE to put in REF code LMONOSON to have me be your AVON sponsor ( AVON MOMMA) Otherwise you will be assigned to a random sponsor.  I can’t wait to hear from you & work with you soon.  Have questions? Contact me via email at

Top 10 Reasons why you should Start Selling Avon! I’m sure you found this video looking for more information about Selling AVON! Check out all my videos in the series!
Hello I’m Lisa Monoson Avon National Leader SE Regional Makeup Maven I’ve been with AVON 16+ years and in this video sharing with you my top 10 reasons why you should be selling AVON! I would love to be your mentor and help you start
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