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 Here are some of the more frequently asked questions about Avon

Q: How much is the kit and what do you get?
A:  Only $15 to sign up online or in person. If your local you can call for a in person appointment.  You will receive everything you need to get started with Avon, including:

NEW FEB 2015 KIT10 brochures for your current campaign

  • 10 brochures for your next campaign
  •  One  box of product Samples
  •  1 order book
  • 2 Full size products
  • Quick start guide
  •  Training Materials
  •  Demo Booklets
  • Free E store Sell 24/7

                                  Basic Kit  included with appointment  is Only $15!                     

*Products/samples may vary from photo. comes with 2 full size products

 OPTIONAL:  NEW Deluxe Appointment Kit can be added for new business owners who want more products and samples from the start for an extra $85 a $300 value*

Q: How much do you make with Avon?
A: Receive up to 50% commission  as long as your orders are placed online at youravon.com.

See chart below :

Order Size Earnings
$1575 or more 50%
$925 – $1574 45%
$440 – $924 40%
$295 – $439 35%
$150 – $294 30%
$50 – $149 20%
$0 – $49- 0%

Licensed products are earned at 20% commission.  These items have diamond shape next to them. These are items Avon does not manufacture and therefore can’t give as big a commission on them. There are further earnings opportunities within the Leadership Program.

Q: Do I need a computer?
A: Yes its highly recommended that you use a computer. Avon is no longer offering paper purchase orders. You also need to place your orders online.  There is the option to place your orders via Fast Talk (on the phone)
Q: How Does AVON work? What is a campaign? How do I get paid?
A: You take orders from family, friends and coworkers etc.each campaign. A campaign is the selling period for each brochure and lasts 2 weeks. At the end of the campaign you submit the order to AVON. You are billed the discounted price. The customers pay the full brochure price. You submit payment to Avon before the placing the next order. The difference between the two is your pay!

  • Q: What do I need to run a successful business?
    A: As an Avon independent sales representative you own your own business. You are responsible for purchases the things necessary such as brochures, samples, basic office supplies etc. You get brochures in your kit to start. After that you must purchase them, the more you buy the less they cost.
    Pack # of brochures cost each total
    10 brochures $6.49
  • 20 brochures $8.89
    30 brochures $11.39
  • 40 brochures $13.69
    50 brochures $15.09
    60 brochures $16.09
    70 brochures $17.39
  • 80 brochures $18.29
    90 brochures $20.09
    100 brochures $21.49

More packs: $21.49 (for first 10  packs(100 books)
+ $1.69 for each additional pack of 10

Example : 5 packs of books (50) costs $15.09

 Sell to 20 customers x $25 average order = $500 in sales

$500 @  40% = $200 – $15.09 investment is  = $184.91 potential earnings 

BUY 100 Brochures $21.49 investment

Sell to 37 customers x $25 average order = $925 order

$925 x 45% = $416.25 earnings – $21.49 investment is $394.76 potential earnings

*Items are 20% keep that in mind but WOW..

So spending just an extra $6.40 to get 100 books can earn you an extra $209.09 ?

Use your books WISELY!

Always get Name # and email

Always follow up!! They ( the customers) have your paycheck.. Go get it!

You will receive some samples in with your starter kit but for samples you want to purchase it will cost between $1.00 and $2.00 for a pack of 10 samples.

Q: Do I havvfgfde to keep any inventory on hand?
A: At Avon, you are never required to keep a stock of products on hand. I find its nearly impossible to predict what your customers will order and suggest you only  stock up  if you plan on doing an event, gift baskets or have certain Items you want to promote to sell. Again it is your business so you can decide how you want to run it. I  personally have had great success with doing gift baskets, fragrance and skincare & cash n carry items.

Q: Am I required to place an order every campaign?
A: No, its not required but its advisable to at least order the brochures so you are able to show your customers the current sales and the latest products. Its imperative to keep your store open you must have brochures ordered every campaign which is every 2 weeks. To stay active you need to place an order every two or three campaigns even if it is a small order.  You can even Sell Avon Online with your online store exclusively if you want.

Q: Do I have to attend meetings?

A: You do not have to attend but I highly recommend it. Avon offers extensive on-line training that you access 24 hours a day, seven days a week to enhance your business. Your District Sales Manager, or the Avon Representative who referred you to this site, may hold group meetings in your area designed to share product training or program incentives. If so, you will be contacted in advance. Our team sends out WEEKLY team boosters, Team video training, Live Stream web meetings & personal scheduled appointment’s per your request.

Q: Do I have to have parties?
A: You are not required to have any parties. However, many Representatives find group selling to be a very lucrative way to sell more products, broaden their customer base, and build their network marketing organization. If you do choose to participate in group selling, Avon offers various training and support materials to assist you. That’s the beauty of Avon you decide how to run your business.

Q: Is it hard to sell Avon?
A: Avon is one of the best known brands in the world, which makes it easy to sell. It has quality products at affordable prices. There is something for everyone!
AVON Fits right into your daily lifestyle.
Q: How much does the average customer order?
A: The average order size is approximately $25.

Q: Are there quotas to meet?
A. There are not quotas to sell Avon but you do need to place an order every 2 or 3 campaigns to stay active. The size of the order does not matter however your commission’s will depend  as to where your sales are at. See chart above..

Q. Do I have to pay shipping?

There is a .75 handling fee that we charge each customer and you can charge accordingly. I personally charge $1 per client to cover my gas /supplies. So basically the customers cover our shipping fee. We have a new one simple fee program shipping will range  depending on order size from $5.95  to $10.95 for a $1500+ order on time order. Late orders after your order deadlines add $4. Also multiple orders will have multiple costs. This is why we have a schedule to order on. If customers need items off your schedule you can send them to shop direct from your E store or they can wait till your next campaign order day.

Q: Am I required to recruit people?
A: There are no recruiting requirements. Many people join and only sell Avon. If someone contacts you about joining you just refer them to myself  or your upline.   If you choose to share the opportunity with others and  join the leadership program then there are additional bonuses per qualified person, advancement bonuses and residual income you can earn as a leader. Our leadership programs give you the opportunity once a titled leader to earn residual income every 2 weeks from your sponsored team.  You can promote your title from Unit Leader  up to National Senior Executive Unit leader.  Programs and bonuses are available. See your sponsor and or DSM for all the current details.

Q: Do I need to file Income Tax?
A: Avon is not required to send in your name or SS# unless you make more than  a certain amount of take home a year. There are a bunch of Tax deductions that once you have your own business from cell phone, gas bill etc. Always check with your states tax professionals.

Q: Do I have to sign a contract with Avon?
A: There is a contract to sign, but it is only to state that you agree to the terms and conditions of being a representative. There is no time limit on the contract, and there is no fee or penalty to ending your relationship with AVON.

Q: What happens after I have been appointed as a New Rep?
A: In a few easy steps, you can become an Avon Representative and start your own business. Shortly after you completed your appointment process, you will able to go online, explore the product line, and start your training. You will have access immediately to the new representative center. Also Avon’s new training AVON University.  You may also build your personal website to sell Avon products online to customers and manage your business. Within the next few days, the person who talked to you about the Avon opportunity will follow up and offer you additional personal training opportunities to ensure that you get your business off to a successful start.

Q: What do I need to do if I decide Avon is not for me?
A: You just need to pay off your account and/or return any items you have for credit.  Also notify Customer Service your, Upline or District Manager and let them know.

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